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Reputation Matters: the Gambling Sector in the Spotlight

A half-day of high-level keynote speeches and panels discussing the key issues and challenges surrounding the perception of the gambling industry and corporate positioning. 

Thursday 7 November 2019, 2pm-7pm

Soho Hotel, London, W1


13:30-14:00: Registration, coffee and refreshments 

14:00-14:05: Welcome - Scott Longley, conference chair, Clear Concise Media 

14.05-14.30: Opening keynote - Kenny Alexander, chief executive, GVC

14:30-15:15: Panel: Politics, lobbying and reputational harm

The industry’s lobbying efforts have been broadly criticised. But as the failure to effectively articulate and communicate the case for FOBTs threatens to extend into other areas of gambling policy, the industry needs to improve its efforts at persuasion with the politicians and restore its reputation with the public. 

·      Steven Ketteley, partner, Wiggin

·      Gavin Kelleher, analyst, Goodbody

·      Sir Charles Napier, founder, Atlas Partners

·      David Williams, director of public affairs, Rank Group

·      Moderator: Joe Samaurez Smith, chairman, Bede Gaming

15:15-15:30 Coffee break

15:30-16:00: Keynote – Wes Himes, representing the RGA/ABB

16:00-16:45: Panel: Cigarettes or alcohol: the gambling industry’s future in the balance

The industry has a strong message to convey around freedom of choice within a safe environment. But right now it is struggling against a seemingly relentless tide of negative news and public perception. Yet, how can the industry hope for its message to be heard when it appears incapable of speaking with one voice? 

·      Sarah Hanratty, chief executive, Senet Group

·      Joshua Van Raalte, chief executive, Brazil Agency

·      Lyndsay Wright, director of strategy and sustainability at William Hill

·      Ross Hawley, board member, Investor Relations Society

·      Moderator: Andrew Gellatly, head of global research services, 

16:45-17:30 Panel: Health scares: the politics of responsible gambling and the evolving debate on gambling harm

Responsible gambling is a concept to which everyone pays lip service but few fully understand either within or outside the industry. Indeed, with definitions so fluid it poses problems not just for regulators but also for operators hoping to answer the critics.    

·      Ian Ince, global head of regulatory affairs and compliance, Playtech

·      Adam Rivers, economist at KPMG

·      Sarah Ramanauskas, senior partner, Gambling Integrity

·     Moderator: Dan Waugh, partner, Regulus Partners

17:30-19:00 Drinks reception 

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